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Alex Dujshebaev. Read in another language Watch this page Edit Alex Talantovich Dujshebaev (Russian: Алекс.

HUJ 2 : Hopeshine The special school for visually impaired children was established in 1939 in Yerevan. This school is the only one in Armenia where the education is organized using the Braille system. Most of the children stay in the school during the terms and return home only for holidays.

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Labh Janjua (Punjabi: ਲਾਭ ਜੰਜੂਆ, died 22 October 2015) was an Indian bhangra vocalist and songwriter, best known for his bhangra and hip hop songs.

History. Ada Huja was previously an island, as its name suggests ( ada huja, Turkish /Serbian for rustle island ). The island and the entire Danube's bank across it (Viline Vode, Karaburma, Višnjička Banja) is rich in springs of the sulfur water. Across the island, in the modern neighborhood of Rospi Ćuprija.